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Silicon Valley Study Tour 2017

Tour theme: 
Energizing Innovation
May 8, 2017 - May 12, 2017

Business fact-finding mission
This tour is designed for business leaders, political decision makers and researchers investigating international trends and opportunities in the energy and clean tech markets.

Why join the tour ?
Energy is one of the main challenges facing Europe today. In the coming years huge investment will be needed to make Europe’s energy infrastructure fit for the future. The next phase of innovation in the energy industry will involve massive connectivity, intelligent, self-correcting systems, the rapid advancement of energy science and other transformative trends.
Silicon Valley with a unique combination of top research, high-tech industry and venture capital is the perfect place to spot these developments relevant for Europe by studying and discussing research projects, start-up activities and new business models.

About SVA
The Silicon Valley Association (SVA) was established in Geneva in 1991 as a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote academic and technical exchanges in the information technology field through study tours. SVA continues this commitment today with networking between Silicon Valley and Switzerland through academic, corporate and government channels.

The Silicon Valley Study Tour 2017 is organized in collaboration with the Institut for Operations Research and Computational Finance (University St. Gallen, Switzerland) and the Swisscom Outpost, Palo Alto.

Past tours
100 participants, 7 tours to the Silicon Valley, 65 companies visited since 2000.

Adobe, Apple Computer, CISCO Systems, Google, IDEO, INTEL, Internet Archive, Linden Lab, LinkedIn, Microsoft Research, Mozilla Labs, NASA Ames Research Center, NVIDIA, SAP Research, Stanford University, SwissNex, Tesla Motors, VMWare and many others.

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Battery Technology

ETH Zurich researchers led by Afyon and Reinhard Nesper discovered a material that may have the potential to double battery capacity. Based on their research Benelos, a company created by Swatch founder Nicolas G. Hayek, is designing a new high performance battery cell.

Energy & Climate

The Swiss energy industry is discovering the Silicon Valley as a relevant source for new ideas and trends. Several top Silicon Valley enterpreneurs speaking at the Swiss Energy and Climate Summit: ANDREW CHUNG from Partner Khosla Ventures, DANIELLE FONG from LightSail Energy and JAGDEEP SINGH from Quantumscape.